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Post-Hoc Tests for Multinomial Data Using Glimmix

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Post-Hoc Tests for Multinomial Data Using Glimmix


Hi there,

I would like to examine the effect of treatment (1, 2, 3) on food intake (g) (FIg) in girls with different status of menarche. 


Variables are; ID, Menarche Status (1 or 2), FIg1, FIg2, FIg3

FIg1 means food intake (g) after treatment 1.

I run PROC GLM repeated measures ANOVA with this code;


proc glm data=IMPORT6;
class Menarche;
model FIg1-FIg3 = Menarche / nouni;
repeated Treatment / printe;


And there was significant effect of treatment (p<0.05) on food intake (g) while there was no effect of menarche status.


Now I would like to add some code for post hoc analysis (Turkey) for within subject factor (treatment), but cannot find the proper one...

I'd appreciate if you could help me! Smiley Happy




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