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Pop Up error message display

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Pop Up error message display

Hi All,
I'm uing SAS 9.1 and would like to know if a error message can be displayed as popup.Not all users know how to read log messages.If we can show an error message on the screen it will be useful.
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Re: Pop Up error message display

Not easy to do, at least from what I'm aware.

One thing that I remember, and that might do the trick, is to pre-process your script with some code that will capture the log, and the post-process with some other that will parse the log and pop a message through the %window macro.

Of course, you should make sure that the erroarabend options is not in order.

Here's some papers about the %window macro:

Cheers from Portugal

Daniel Santos @
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Re: Pop Up error message display

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another popup, built in to the old sas interface is the dm command [pre] postMessage 'your message'[/pre]
With suitable programming of the windows api you can provide a message pop-up with action buttons.

good luck
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