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Please Upload Your SAS Macro/Abbreviations

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Please Upload Your SAS Macro/Abbreviations

The other day, in response to a Forum post, I created a small macro/abbreviation. Then I realized that I didn't know where I could post the

KMF file so that others could import it

So, as a result, I created a page which, hopefully, will soon be home to many of the SAS macro/abrreviation kmf files that people will

share. The page is:

If you have a collection of one or more SAS macro/abbreviation(s), please post them to that page.

Thanks in advance,


p.s. If you're not familiar with posting to a wiki page, feel free to send me ( ) your kmf files, and I'd be glad to post them for you. Also, if you know of anyone else who has a collection of kmf files, please let them know about this project.

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Please Upload Your SAS Macro/Abbreviations

For other reading the post:  It took me the longest while to find this

KMF = Keyboard Macro File

and this relates only to the use of the Advanced Editor.

I don't think that these work for the EGuide editor, though I've not found it one way or the other.  (For large editing, I still use EMACS.)


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