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Permanent libraries

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Permanent libraries

How do we create a permanent library from the files present in the work library ?

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Re: Permanent libraries

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- create a directory in the OS filesystem

- assign a libname to it

- use proc copy to copy the contents of WORK to this library


If you have access to the commandline, you can change to the location where your WORK directory is (you can use the pathname() function to get the physical path to a SAS library) and then do a bulk copy (the command depends on the operating system).

If you have XCMD enabled, you can do that command in a X statement or call system.

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Re: Permanent libraries

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Copying an Entire Library


To copy an entire SAS library, simply specify an input data library and an output data library following the COPY statement. For example, the following statements copy all the SAS files in the SOURCE data library into the DEST data library:

proc datasets library=source;
   copy out=dest;


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