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Performance for OLAP and OLTP

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Performance for OLAP and OLTP


if u have millions of records in which u can upload fastly which is better

and for querying which is better OLAP or OLTP.

if this is not the correct forum to post please let me know were to post it.
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Re: Performance for OLAP and OLTP

hi R_Win,


You would like to base your decesion on the following.


                                                             --> Do you have Enterprise Minner   or   SAS VA/VS   or   SAS EG

                                                             --> The do you have hadoop integrated with SAS.

                                                             --> What type of analysis are you looking to do in SAS. Is it reports with constant logic                                                                               and aggregation ? Or on the go analysis for various adhoc requests.


Based on the above if your request is consisting of adhoc request please don't go for the OLAP structure. But then again if it is having contant number which are bound to occour in the reporting system OLAP can be preffered.


Then if Hadoop is present the data processing capablity is already optimized. you will be able to process million of rows on the go.


Softwares such as SAS EM and SAS VA/VS is already integrated with high performance analytics. So you will not be worring about OLAP structure.


Still you are looking for performance on EG level you can use indexing it will require less time to implement OLAP on the longer run. To give a perspective 30 million rows can be sorted in 2mins with index applied, on the other hand it will take 12 min for the same without index.


To summarize the answer it OLTP has been working better for me.


-Hope it helps.

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Re: Performance for OLAP and OLTP

The question is far too vague. What is your requirements and constraints? What sw do you have available, or are you looking for an investment?
How much and what kind of data you have?
You talk about "upload", what does that mean to you?
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