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Percent w.d Format

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Percent w.d Format

Hi All,

To read the below percent field used this format which works fine.But I want to know how exactly the percentw.d format is woking internally because i have not understood how it is storing and displaying the percent data with some examples.

informat percentofmarks percent6.;

format percentofmarks percent8.2;


studentname Standard percentageofmarks

syed 6 67.25%


Please describe this.

Thank youSmiley Happy

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Re: Percent w.d Format

The percentw.d informat instructs SAS to read data containing percentages as numeric. Refer to

The percentw.d format does the opposite, it writes numeric data as percentages. Refer to

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Re: Percent w.d Format

Percentages are stored as the number you would use in mathematical operations. So 50% is stored as 0.5.

36   data test;

37     informat percentofmarks percent6.;

38     format percentofmarks percent8.2;

39     input studentname $ Standard percentofmarks ;

40     put percentofmarks = best12. ;

41     put percentofmarks = percent8.2 ;


43   cards;



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Re: Percent w.d Format

beware the D in any INFORMATw.d

INPUT will assume the last "d" digits are decimal places even when you have no dot!

158  data;

159  input percD percent6.1 @1 perc_noD percent6. @1 str_ $ ;

160  put (str_ perc: percSmiley Happy( $8. 2*percent9.1  2*best9.) ;

161  cards;

12.1%      12.1%    12.1%     0.121    0.121

12%         1.2%    12.0%     0.012     0.12

NOTE: The data set

the D in informatW.D  is really only there for binary informats which cannot present the dot

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