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Passing text with "D and & in macro

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Passing text with "D and & in macro

Hello all,

     I have made one link format and applied it to one variable. Now i want to pass this variable in macro.

The value of variable is as follows:


The value of Path_name is :

<a href='javascript:goToObject("Director?_directive=GRC_FinancialImpact&handle=10314|")'> 10314</a>

I want to pass it in macro variable. I tried %str and %nrstr but still it is giving error. Any solution??



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Re: Passing text with "D and & in macro

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I believe %SUPERQ will mask the & and " allowing you to pass the string through without attempting to resolve the & reference. To use %Superquote the path will be stored in a macro variable then referenced.

data _null_;

call symput('mv1','Smith&Jones');

call symput('mv2','%macro abc;');

run; %let testmv1=%superq(mv1);

%let testmv2=%superq(mv2);

%put Macro variable TESTMV1 is &testmv1;

%put Macro variable TESTMV2 is &testmv2;

When this program executes, these lines are written to the SAS log:

Macro variable TESTMV1 is Smith&Jones

Macro variable TESTMV2 is %macro abc;

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Re: Passing text with "D and & in macro

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In your path_name, there are several unmatched single or double quote , you should put % before it to avoid error message.

%let path=%nrstr(<a href=%'javascript:goToObject(%"Director?_directive=GRC_FinancialImpact&handle=10314|%")%'> 10314</a>) ;

%put &path;


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