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Parameters from scl to SAS macro

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Parameters from scl to SAS macro


I've a problem when I want to pass some chosen elements from scl to a sas macro.

Here is my macro.

%macro test(number=, text=);


%mend test

when I call that from my scl code, this works :

%test(number=2, text='Hello');

but this does not work :

%test(number=list_num.selecteditem, text=list_text.selecteditem);

I read something that variables have to be known before the compilation but I thought that macro solved that problem. Have I done something wrong ?


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Re: Parameters from scl to SAS macro

It was very long time age i used SCL. Why are you using it?

I assume that you are using your macro call in a submit block.

I can be mistaken, but I think you can't refer to a list in a submit block. You need to resolve it to something that the macro understands, and that are plain text parameters.

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Re: Parameters from scl to SAS macro

I want to merge two applications: one in scl with frames and one in sas without gui. Both use the same database. I added a frame in the scl application requesting for parameters needed by the sas application. I transformed the sas application in a macro program and I call that from my new scl frame.

Yes, I use a submit block.

So what can I do ? Write parameters in a file in scl and read them in sas (if it is possible ?) ?

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