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Packaging and encrypting a csv-file

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Packaging and encrypting a csv-file

We have an ETL-job that creates a csv-file and attaches it to an outgoing email.


Now there's a requirement that the file must be encrypted before being sent. It should preferably be packaged with WinZip using AES-256 encryption.
Is there any SAS code we can use for packaging and encrypting the csv-file based on these criteria?
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Re: Packaging and encrypting a csv-file


Take a look at the ZIP access method for the FILENAME statement





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Re: Packaging and encrypting a csv-file

Ah yes, the good old WinZip and password protect data transfer.  What a totally unsecure faff that really is.  If you need to send data, then use a proper process for that.  Your company (or recipient) will likely have a secure transfer area - ask IT - or alternatively use SFTP to transfer the file.  This has several main benefits - firstly email is limited in the size it can carry for me it is 10mb maximum, hence sending data whiich can be gb is not a valid option and you email server admin may come round for a word.  Secondly, security is embedded into the system which results in you not having to worry about implementing it, and is more secure that your process.  So often have I seen the email with the data followed by the email with the password - I mean surely the person who intercepts the first can't intercept the second email?

So save yourself the bother and transfere files securely and consitently using methods appropriate.

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Re: Packaging and encrypting a csv-file

And for extra comic relief to add to @RW9's response: I used to receive data in the method you describe. And then an upgrade to email security software included a check for "objectionable words" in the file. It took a week to find out why the file I received every three days didn't arrive. It turned out we had a street name that contained one of the "objectionable" words and the security software was trashing the file and not notifying the intended receipient about quarantined mail.

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