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PROC SQL and MANY to MANY merges

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PROC SQL and MANY to MANY merges


and a happy new year ;-)

Duplicates values or improper fusion keys can lead you to perform many to many merges but PROC SQL is producing no particular message in the log to tell you that while a DATA/MERGE step is giving you the famous message :

NOTE: MERGE statement has more than one data set with repeats of BY values.

Let's take an example :

is there an option (or an automatic macro variable) that can tell me that I'm performing a many to many merge ?

(I didn't fin any...)

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Re: PROC SQL and MANY to MANY merges

Sorry, I can't find any option that will help you on this.

But it could be a nice feature though, so you could consider adding a ballot entry for this (you'll have my vote!).

Counting input and output records will in many cases (not all) hint you whether you join is doing what you want or not.

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