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PROC MIANALYZE for partial Spearman correlations and PROC GLM

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PROC MIANALYZE for partial Spearman correlations and PROC GLM



I am doing data analyses using a continuous independent variable, a continuous outcome, and several covariates. I performed multiple imputations on my independent variable of interest (exposure) and am having trouble pooling variances across different imputation datasets for the type of analyses I am doing. Can anyone please help? The two types of procedures I am using are below. 


1) Partial (adjusted) Spearman correlations

    Here is the code:


proc corr data=final_imp spearman;
      partial age bmi;
      var PBD;
      with PCB153;
by _Imputation_;


My main question is: what code can I use in the proc corr to output the covariance structure (variances) from each of the imputed datasets and how do I then combine the results using PROC MIANALYZE? I am essentially interested in a pooled correlation coeff and 95% CI between PBD (outcome) and PCB153 (exposure with multiple imputations) after adjusting for age and BMI (covariates). 


2) Adjusted PBD (outcome) means per categories of exposure (PCB153_tertile) using PROC GLM:



proc glm data=final_imp plots=(DIAGNOSTICS RESIDUALS);
     class PCB153_tertile;
     model sqrt_PBD= PCB153_tertile age BMI/solution clparm ss3;
     lsmeans PCB153_tertile/cl adjust=bon stderr pdiff; 

     by _Imputation_;


My question is similar here, a) how do I output adjusted PBD means (95% CIs) by the PCB153_tertile (from the lsmeans statement) for each imputed dataset and then pool all of the datasets together using PROC MIANALYZE? I am interested in pooled mean (95% CI) PBD per tertiles of exposure (PCB153_tertile). 


I appreciate any input! Thank you!



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