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PDF to SAS Dataset

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PDF to SAS Dataset

Hi All,


I want to prepare a SAS data from pdf file.

For example, I have a some link where pdf file exists say : "".

How can I read whole pdf file (free text) in one SAS dataset. It would be fine even though whole pdf text data stored in one row only.


Thanks in Advance,

Tushar R. Sonawane

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Re: PDF to SAS Dataset

Reading pdf files are usually an awkward way to get information. It must be better to try to get hold on the data that was used to create the pdf.

If you are fine with having the whole pdf in "one record", I suggets that you save the pdf as a txt file, and then read it from SAS.

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Re: PDF to SAS Dataset

The .pdf format is actually a container for all kinds of data. It could well be that your input is just a scanned picture.


To find tools that can extract text from pdfs, google "extract text from pdf command line".

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