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Output SAS dataset to text file

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Output SAS dataset to text file

I've written simple code to output a SAS dataset to a txt file. When I read the file back into SAS, there are incremental (mostly blank) records being added, from what I think are "goofy" characters that I can't see. How do I get SAS to ignore these characters when outputting the file? 


Output code: 

FILE "file:\output" delimiter='09'x DSD lrecl=60;

@1 VAR1 $40.
@41 VAR2 10.
@51 VAR3 10.


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Re: Output SAS dataset to text file

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Please show the code you are using to read the data back in. I suspect the issue is going to be with either a missing or incorrect infile option or possible an extra option that is not needed.


You may need to provide a tad more detail than "goofy" and some example data from your Set Data; statement may help as well.


Also which operating system are you running?

With windows your file statment generates this error:

ERROR: A component of D:\Data\WORK\SAS Temporary Files\_TD9908\file:\output is not a directory.

likely from the FILE: bit.


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