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Open a file in a Macro

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Open a file in a Macro

I am a newbie in SAS programming. I was wondering if it is possible to open a SAS file in a macro and use its variables to do some calculations?

to be more specific, I am trying to write a macro for changing currencies to AUD but not the current rates to get it from a live data source rather I need historical rates. So I have the historical exchange rates downloaded from Reserve bank of Australia and already imported to SAS. But have not yet figured out how to write a macro to open the file and use its values. Something that I have tried is the following:

%macro convert_currency(x,CUR,Date);

%let fopen(exchange_rates,I);

%IF %then Rate=&CUR;

%let &x._convert=&x*rate;


%mend convert_currency;

I will be thankful if someone can help.

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Re: Open a file in a Macro

If by SAS file you mean a SAS dataset then I suggest you use a SAS DATA step for that. BTW the FOPEN function is for external files, usually text, and not SAS datasets.

To start with just build a simple DATA step without using a macro, then once that is working, convert it to a macro:

data new;

  set old;

  currency_aud = currency * rate;


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