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ODS to HTML (.xls)

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ODS to HTML (.xls)

Hi All,

I am creating an excel file using ODS HTML statement:

ods html file="filepath" style=minimal;

proc print data=have;


ods html close;

it is creating an excel file but along with its creating a folder with pieces which includes HTML, XML files.

i am not sure why its creating an folder. do i need to configure something in SAS so that ODS to HTML (.xls) is properly created.?



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Re: ODS to HTML (.xls)

One: ODS HTML creates HTML regardless of how you name the file. The folder has those bits that HTML references.

You might be better off using TAGSETS.EXCELXP instead of HTML, which creates XML that Excel can open.

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Re: ODS to HTML (.xls)

What version of SAS d you have?

Is there any reason to not switch over to ODS Excel or Tagsets.ExcelXP?

In SAS 9.4 ODS EXCEL generates a native Excel file, tagsets.excelxp generates an XML file.

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