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ODBC connection to IBM Netezza

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ODBC connection to IBM Netezza

Dear friends, 


I am trying to coonect IBM Netezza using libname in SAS. The NZSQL data source is configured in the ODBC Administrator Control Panel on Windows platforms, I filled out the server name, port, user name , and database in the ODBC adminstrotor.


However,  the following libname statement did not work at SAS. :-( 


libname  cde  netezza dsn= NZSQL user=   password= abcde; 


ERROR: The NETEZZA engine cannot be found


How this can be fixed ?


Thank you very much, 




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Re: ODBC connection to IBM Netezza

Your libname statment may be incomplete for using ODBC, it should look like


LIBNAME libref odbc <connection-options> <LIBNAME-options>;


With netezza instead of odbc in your code it is attempting to use the Netezza engine which requires that specific license. And you may want to use DATAsrc=NZSQL instead of DSN. From the documentation:


 DSN= is an alias for this option that indicates that the connection is attempted using the ODBC SQLConnect API, which requires a data source name. You can also use a user ID and password with DSN=. If you want to use an ODBC file DSN, then instead of supplying DATAsrc=<'>ODBC-data-source<'>, use the PROMPT= or NOPROMPT= option followed by "filedsn=(name-of-your-file-dsn);". For example:

libname mydblib odbc noprompt="filedsn=d:\share\msafiledsn.dsn;";


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