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Nested do loop in sas

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Nested do loop in sas


I am new to SAS community. I have a small problem with do loops while using macro. I want to get Bill_1, bill_2 , bill_3 which is assigned as i (bill_&i). I also want stat_1, stat_2 and stat_3 which is assigned as j (stat_&j).

Now I write a do loop for %do i= 1 %to 3;
                                       %do j= 1 %to 3;

So definitely its getting looped 9 times. But I want it to produce just 3 combinatuions like this.  Bill_1,Stat_1



If I could get some help please.

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Re: Nested do loop in sas

Can you assign them using the same macro variable, say i and do one loop?


bill_&i, stat_&i


 %do i= 1 %to 3

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Re: Nested do loop in sas


Yipeeeeeee it worked. Thanks a lot Haikuo. Man Very Happy

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Re: Nested do loop in sas

Please accept @Haikuo's solution so you give "he or she" the credit and remove this problem from the pending queue. Of course when time permits. 


By the way, welcome to the forum...!!!

Kannan Deivasigamani
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