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Need help with the Syntax?

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Need help with the Syntax?

Hello  Everybody,

I am trying to download a file to my network drive from a remote SFTP server through logging into WinSCP .

I am trying to use the following code and not sure sure if the syntax is correct, so any help would be appreciated.

%let ftpfile_loc = \\User\folder1\files;

%let dest = \\User\folder1\Dataout;

%sysexec "C:\WinsSCP\WinSCP.exe" /console /script:"&ftpfile_loc\ftpscript.txt" /command "get remotefile.prn &dest\localfile.prn" "close" "exit";

In the above code, is the get command syntax correct?

ftpscript.txt has the following code in it

option batch on

option confirm off

open sftp://userSmiley

cd /folder1/folder2//files

Is there any other way of downloading the file from sftp server, plz let me know, because in the above code, i dont' know how to debug the code?

I am really running out of time on this, so help is much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards


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Re: Need help with the Syntax?

First, is there a spcific reason to involve SAS in this process?

Second, there is SFTP access method for the FILENAME statement, don't know it will support your requirements, or if it's easier debug. But then you don't need to call external scripts from within SAS.

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