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Metadata repositories question.

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Metadata repositories question.

Hi Guy.

Couldn't find an appropriate forum for my question, so I'll try to post here.

We're having some issues with the size of our metadata repositories (at the moment near 13Gb).
Repositories are stored in an AIX system (Unix) and I've noticed that the repository tables are storing char values in a UTF8 encoding using 4-bytes representation per char.

I was wondering if it possible to use/force the EBCDIC (1-byte per char) encoding which would reduce greatly the amount of metadata being handle with the metadata server.

Any ideas?


Greetings from Portugal.

Daniel Santos at
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Re: Metadata repositories question.

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I haven't heard of anyone trying to change the encoding for metadata server. Would be interesting to hear...

Until then here is some links to useful documentation about optimizing the metadata server :

Also, in 9.2, the metadata is said to be optimized so it would occupy less space than in 9.1.3. Available now I think.

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