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Metadata permissions on folders

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Metadata permissions on folders


We have built a web application using the Stored Process Server in which the Open Metadata Interface is used to display folders (and subtrees) defined in the metadataserver.
Some users or usergroups are restricted to see certain folders, so permissions are set by access control templates.

The thing I want to do is do display only those folders from the metadata that the user is permitted to see, using the open metadata interface. I know it has something to do with the AccessControlTemplate and AccessControlEntry metadata types, but it is kinda hard to ask the proper questions to the metadataserver.

I know a Tree metadatatype is associated to 0 or more AccessControlEntry elements.
I also know a Person metadatatype is associated to 0 or more AccessControlEntry elements.
But how to get the right permission on a Tree, that is somewhat difficult.

Can anyone give me some directions to perform this "trick".
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Raoul.
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Re: Metadata permissions on folders

This is not really a SAS Macro or DATA step question. Since it involves Platform Administration and the Metadata associated with a Platform installation, you might find more platform folks hanging out in the Stored Process and/or the Web Report Studio forums. Or, you could open a track with Tech Support and work with them on your access and permissions question.


To open a track with Tech Support, go to:
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