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Metadata location

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Metadata location

Hi experts,

I'm looking the way to get full Metadata path for specific report in SAS code.

For example: The full path for Sample: European Demographic Data Detail is : /Products/SAS Intelligence Platform/Samples

Is it possible?


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Re: Metadata location

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Have a look at the %MDSECDS macro, it will extract the data you are interested. Since it is a SAS Macro, the source code is available.


To get all Stored Processes your user can read run this this code. Provided you have a connection to a Metadata Server.


It will create several SAS data Sets and a view. The WORK.MDSECDS_OBJS will contain all the Stored Processes with their folder location. You can the use the a WHERE statement to just get the one Stored Process  you are interested.


Check the %MDSECDS documentation, there is also a MEMBERFILTER parameter.



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Re: Metadata location

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Thank you Bruno.

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