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Messages in the log.

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Messages in the log.

Two tables:

A with variables ID, X, Y.
B with variables ID, Z


data C;
merge A B;
by ID;

If anyone of A and B is not sorted by ID, shouldn't there be a message in the log about it?
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Re: Messages in the log.

Only if they are not in the correct order. The message is generated when data lines are encountered in the wrong order, not due to a sort indicator.
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Re: Messages in the log.

Thanks for your answer.

In my example above table A was sorted by ID with PROC SORT, but table B was not.

So, since there was no message concerning table B, I can draw the conclusion, for sure, that the records in B was in correct order?

You NEVER have to worry when there is a BY in the merging, that you get something that you don't want?
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Re: Messages in the log.

As long as you do not code the BY statement parameter NOSORTED. Useful reading below, for your consideration.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

SAS Language Reference: Concepts, Processing BY-Groups in the DATA Step
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Re: Messages in the log.

MERGE does not support BY statement with NOTSORTED option.
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