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Merge issue for many to one

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Merge issue for many to one

Hello All,

I have two dataset with same variables
Name class subject
Cc class2 a2
Dd class1
Dd class1
Dd class1
Second dataset
Name class subject
Dd class1 d1
Cc class2 c2

After sorting by name and class for both dataset
Using below syntax
Data final
Set new (in=a) new1
By name
If a

I am getting
Cc class2 c2
Dd class1 d1
Dd class1
Dd class1
However I require like

Cc class2 c2
Dd class1 d1
Dd class1 d1
Dd class1 d1

Please suggest and thanks

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Re: Merge issue for many to one

I'm assuming you actually used semicolons to end your statements, and you merged using a MERGE statement rather than a SET statement.


The basic problem is that you have a common variable, SUBJECT, in both data sets.  There are a couple of ways to deal with that.  To ignore all SUBJECT values in one data set, you could just drop it:


data final;

merge new (drop=subject in=a) new1;

by name class;

if a;



I would assume you are merging by both variables, and not just by NAME.


The problem gets a little more complex if you need to compare the SUBJECT values in the two data sets, to see which you want to use.


Good luck.

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