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Member enroll and drop with Merge statement

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Member enroll and drop with Merge statement

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Hi guys,


I have a question about member enrolling and dropping. Suppose there are Jan, Feb, March, ... Dec 2016 member data, total 12 dataset. In each dataset, variables are the same (>100 variables). Would like to see who drops and who enrolls. My code is as following:


%LET measure = var1;

data enroll (keep=MEMBERID &measure flag) drop (keep=MEMBERID &measure flag);
     merge Jan2016Data (keep=MEMBER &measure IN=a) Feb2016Data (keep=MEMBER &measure IN=b);
     by member;
     if b then flag="enroll";
     if a then flag="drop";
     if &measure ^= ""; /*there are many missing value which need to be excluded basing on the requirement*/
     if a ^= b;
     if flag="enroll" then output enroll;
     if flag="drop" then output drop;



1. how to make &measure in Feb2016Data not to overwrite Jan2016Data?

2. Why sas result is different than my manual result (compared in excel)? Is there anything wroing? (no error msg in log)




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Re: Member enroll and drop with Merge statement

Regarding question #1, there is no need to make any changes.  You later select observations where MEMBER did not appear in both data sets (a ^= b), so the remaining observations will not face any overwriting.


Regarding question #2, you haven't shown us your expectations.  Give just one example (a single MEMBER) and show us what you expect and what happened in the SAS program.

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Re: Member enroll and drop with Merge statement

question #1  -  Yeah, your are absolutely right! I forgot that point. 

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Re: Member enroll and drop with Merge statement

I would consider a different algorithm as that won't scale. 

Consider appending data instead of merging and using INDSNAME to obtain source. 


Data monthly;

set jan2016 (keep=memberId)



dec2016(keep=memberid) INDSNAME=source;

input_dataset = source;




You can then use the file above to prepare summaries. Note that you'll need previous months record to determine who is new in January. 

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