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Max n Min of Dates

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Max n Min of Dates



I am looking to create a report which has the Maximum/Minimum of Unique-ids a Patient visited had on any day within 2015-16.


My table looks like this.

Datatypes:--- ID Char

                      Year Number,

                      Month Number,

                      Day Number,

                      product Char,

                     First visit date Timestamp


Product Year Month Day Count(ID) as ID

216ABCE 2015 7     3        1

ASSDE    2015         9       1

uJKILEY   2016      29    7

216ABCE 2015 9     13       3

ASSDE    2015  9      9      1 1

uJKILEY   2016  9    20   709

Please suggest.




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Re: Max n Min of Dates

Suggestions to get started.


First, combine the month, day, and year:


sasdate = mdy(month, day, year);


That will make the coding easier to read.


Second, add PATIENT to your data set.  It's really not possible to perform calculations based on PATIENT when it is not even part of your data.


Third, why would you replace ID with COUNT(ID)?  Wouldn't that make the report confusing?

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Re: Max n Min of Dates



Thank you for your quick reply,

I have used the count(ID) as i need to get the max and min of the number of times a patient has visited the hospital.

The data type of ID is char,

Kindly suggest.


We are looking for the minimum  & Maximum number of times a patient has visited based on the Patient ID.




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Re: Max n Min of Dates

As you probably guessed, since ID is character you would not store a count in ID.  If you plan on programming using SQL, you could use something like:


count(ID) as n_hospital_visits


I don't see hospital in the data either, though.  You may need to update your description of the data.

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