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Making a api call to google maps using HMAC-SHA1 signed key

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Making a api call to google maps using HMAC-SHA1 signed key

I am trying to make an api call to google maps using a HMAC-SHA1 signed key. I have to follow these steps.


  1. Construct the request URL without the signature, making sure to include your client parameter. Note that any non-standard characters will need to be URL-encoded:

    Note: All Google services require UTF-8 character encoding (which implicitly includes ASCII). If your applications operate using other character sets, make sure they construct URLs using UTF-8 and properly URL-encode them.

  2. Strip off the domain portion of the request, leaving only the path and the query:


  3. Retrieve your private key, which is encoded in a modified Base64 for URLs, and sign the URL above using the HMAC-SHA1 algorithm. You may need to decode this key into its original binary format. Note that in most cryptographic libraries, the resulting signature will be in binary format.

    Note: Modified Base64 for URLs replaces the + and / characters of standard Base64 with - and _ respectively, so that these Base64 signatures no longer need to be URL-encoded.

  4. Encode the resulting binary signature using the modified Base64 for URLs to convert this signature into something that can be passed within a URL.

  5. Attach this signature to the URL within a signature parameter:

I found this code online, which i thought would help. But it seems to give the wrong result. I have used test case from googles website. The key suppose to be chaRF2hTJKOScPr-RQCEhZbSzIE=, but the key returned is MqYEMSmWU6nGbkqbN8DBP6PQC2o=


%let key = %nrstr(vNIXE0xscrmjlyV-12Nj_BvUPaw=);
%let message = %sysfunc(urlencode(%nrstr(;
proc groovy;

add sasjar="commons_codec" version=""; *version is specific to SAS Installation and may differ from this;

submit "&key." "&message.";
import javax.crypto.Mac
import javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec
import org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64
def base64hmacsha1(key, message) {
    mac = Mac.getInstance("HmacSHA1")
    mac.init(new SecretKeySpec(key.getBytes(), "HmacSHA1"))
    sha1_bytes = mac.doFinal(message.getBytes())
    base64 = new Base64()
    return new String(base64.encode(sha1_bytes))
exports.base64hmacsha1 = base64hmacsha1(args[0], args[1])
%put &base64hmacsha1.;


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Re: Making a api call to google maps using HMAC-SHA1 signed key

Not avoiding your original question, but depending on what you're trying to do with Google Maps, this series of articles about Google Maps with SAS from @LeonidBatkhan might help.

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Re: Making a api call to google maps using HMAC-SHA1 signed key

I am trying to use a Google premium account for google maps, as I need to use Google maps beyond with is available free
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