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Macros basic

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Macros basic

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As a beginner I want to know how to learn macros ,please share any books, websites which can help in learning macros easily

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Re: Macros basic [how to improve your question]

Hello @Sama1,

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Re: Macros basic

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Sama1 wrote:
Create a macro that includes a dataset that contains observations with a date variable containing dates for March, 2017. Assign the month name to one macro variable and year number to another macro variable. Output a CSV file where the resulting file name includes value of the two macro variables within the name. Eg: “Filename_March_2017.csv”


Yes, of course SAS can create these macro variables. It's probably not a good idea to use “Filename_March_2017.csv”, because this won't sort properly, it will sort alphabetically in your operating system. A better result would be to “Filename_2017-03.csv”, which will sort properly in your operating system.


Something like this, assuming ALL date values in your data set are in the same month (UNTESTED CODE)


data _null_;
    set have(obs=1);
    call symputx('year_month',put(date,yymmd7.));
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Re: Macros basic

Thank you very much
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