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Macros and rsubmit

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Macros and rsubmit

Hi all,

I am using SAS Client 9.2 and I wast to run a programme remotely (SAS Server 9.4).

I have a numbers of macros in the programme. I am planning on storing the SAS files which have the code in it on the server.

I am going to use the Client Session to only execute the programme. I will do this by using rsubmit.

This is the first time I am trying this and I was wondering if there are any considerations I should be aware off.

E.g. will there be poterntially issues with marcos not being resolved.

Many thanks all

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Re: Macros and rsubmit

This has always been a handy reference for me when working through issues with macros and remote submissions. It addresses most of the problems you may encounter and you'll learn a thing or two along the way.

"Interaction between Compute Services and Macro Processing"

SAS/CONNECT(R) 9.2 User's Guide

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Re: Macros and rsubmit

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Thanks for the reply, I will check this out.

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Re: Macros and rsubmit

I believe easiest would be to define the macros on the remote server in a location which is part of the SAS AUTOCALL facility. SAS(R) 9.2 Macro Language: Reference

You could also extend the Autocall macro search path by adding the storage location for your macros with syntax like: "options sasautos=(sasautos 'c:\mymacros');"

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