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MacroPrograms and SAS arrays

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MacroPrograms and SAS arrays

Do Macro programs and SAS arrays deal with issues the same?  Are there issues that they BOTH deal with the same way? How are they different and what do they have in common? Please provide helpful links or examples that illustrates the procedures so I can replicate and understand more fully.

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Re: MacroPrograms and SAS arrays

Generally Macros do only one thing: generate text used in SAS programs. That could be anything from a couple of characters to 1000's of lines of code that calls multiple datasteps and procedures and creating 1000's of pages of output.


Arrays to repitious operations on a group of (generally) related variables within a single datastep. [which may have been created by a macro but not at all required to do so]



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Re: MacroPrograms and SAS arrays

Read the first paragraph in the documentation of both topics and you will see that they are totally different tools.

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Re: MacroPrograms and SAS arrays

@new_sas_user You're picking fairly large topics and asking very broad questions. If you're trying to learn SAS I would recommend a more structured approach. Or are you trying to get an overview of the language? Please add some context to your questions so we can help direct the answers to topics that are appropriate. 


There are two free e courses and a multitude of videos here.



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