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I am trying to run a macro that starts with this code but it will not work for me.

Can you please help?


%macro numest (dsin=, dsout=);


I put a location for dsin and dsout but nothing.


Thank you!  

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Re: Macro

You have to post full log with options mprint, mlogic and symbolgen active. Without that information we can't help you.
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Re: Macro

The %macro statement does not run anything.  It begins the definition of a macro.  Later, you will see a matching %mend statement, ending the definition of the macro.


To actually run the macro, you then need to use:


%numest (dsin=some_value, dsout=some_value)


That's where you run the code and supply your data set names.

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Re: Macro

You provided exactly NO information that could help us in helping you. No code (just the macro statement is useless), no log, no data.

Please follow the instructions given on posting a useful question.

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