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Macro to import a daily csv file

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Macro to import a daily csv file

Hi All,


I am faily new to Macro and been a SAS user but not indepth.


I want to automate a step to import a daily CSV file into SAS.


How could I write a macro or sas step to import the file with today's date?


Greatly appreciate your help.




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Re: Macro to import a daily csv file

You can create a macro variable that contains today's date in a proper format:

%let today=%sysfunc(today(),yymmdd10.);
%put &today;

If the date is part of the filename, you can then build the filename with the use of the macro variable.


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Re: Macro to import a daily csv file

The search bar can be used to find topics similar to what you are looking for, this kind of question gets asked at least once a week. In this case, you would need to provide more information such as - what is happening to the file before its gets to SAS, i.e. where is the file stored, is it overwriting a previous file (i.e. same name), or does it have differing names.  Is the data cumulative?  Is teh data exactly the same structurally?  It could just be as simple as having a program run daily which does this:

data in_data;
  infile "<path to files>/The_data_file_%sysfunc(today(),date9.).csv" dlm=",";
  input a $ b $;

proc append base=master data=in_data;
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