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Macro loading issue

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Macro loading issue

I was just trying to reload my macro path
and the log file gives me the error;
then no matter what I run, the code doesnt execute and return the code to the log file.

any suggestions?


proc options option = macro; run; /* switch on macro capabilty*/
%Include 'C:\Macro\access';

WARNING: Truncated record.
ERROR: Open code statement recursion detected.
ERROR: Expecting comma (to separate macro parameters) or close parenthesis (to end parameter list)
but found: when
ERROR: A dummy macro will be compiled.
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Re: Macro loading issue

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This code doesn't 'reload my macro path'; it also doesn't 'switch on macro capability'. Proc options just shows you what's already defined.

The error you get looks as if the included code has some syntax error in it.

Use the following options which might show you a bit better in your log what's going on:
options mprint merror mlogic symbolgen source2;

It's sometimes also a good idea to restart the session as errors can be caused by some 'left-over' of a previous run.

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