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Macro isdate

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Macro isdate


As a way to improve sql joins with other rdbms I wanted to build a macro that give a datetime value or a column containing datetime values it would output only the year and month.

If I ever pass a hardcoded value of a date then it would return the value using a sysfunc (in order to make our joins faster), if it was a column value or any other expression it would use the put function.

I want something like this:

%macro converto_yyyymm(value);

     %if &value is hardcoded date (either in '31dec2011:00:00:00'dt or 1672531200 formats)

     %then %sysfunc(%sysevalf(&value),yymmn6.);

     %else put(&value,yymmn6.);


But I still cound not find a way to make that %if condition, anyone has ideias on this?

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Macro isdate

How will the result of your code be used? In a data step? value in line somewhere else?

If you provide an example of how the macro is to be called in code and the expected output you'll get better help.

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Macro isdate

It is to be used with data integration studio, so it will be in a where clause in a proc sql


proc sql;

select * from oracle_table

where month=%converto_yyyymm(&data_macro_var);



proc sql;

select * from table1, table2

where table1.month_column=%converto_yyyymm(table2.date_column)


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Macro isdate

I do not understand why you think you need a macro for this.

If you have a value in a macro variable then just use it in the PUT statement the same as you would a variable reference.

Here are some examples.


Valid values for the macro variable VALUE could be a date literal, an actual date value as the number of days since 1/1/1960, or the name of a variable that has a date.




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