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Macro in ODS multiple tabs

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Macro in ODS multiple tabs

data one two three;

set main;

if a=2 output one;

if a=3 output two;

if a=4 output three;


/*creates three data sets*/

%macro all_tabs(ds,name);

ods tagset (sheet interval='none' sheet_name = &name.....etc);

proc report data = &ds. NOWD; headskip split = '*' wrap nowd

col   etc..........; /*the column fields go here*/







ods tagset.excelXP close;

ods listing;


When I run the report to populated the 3 different tabs I get the error message LINE AND COLUMN CANNOT BE DETERMINED

Why am I getting this error and will I have to rename the &name portion since it is in quotes

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Re: Macro in ODS multiple tabs

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ods tagset

should be odd tagset.excelxp perhaps?

Usually means there's an error in the code somewhere but hard to see without all the code.

If you're splitting the data by a variable, in a proc report you can do it in one step using the sheet_interval option and adding in a variable that has the name.

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