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Macro Window Option Error

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Macro Window Option Error

Hi All,

I have written a macro using %window options. It works well in local system
but when i try to execute through remote system i get below errors

ERROR: Unable to open window macro file test
ERROR: Unable to open window macro file test.
ERROR: The macro test1 name will stop executing.

Could someone help me on this please?

Many Thanks in Advance
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Re: Macro Window Option Error

The SAS support website has a technote on this item, found doing a search there. Your window macro is not supported with rsubmit.

Scott Barry
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Re: Macro Window Option Error

you can set up the %window macro up to be called on the client, but rsubmit all the heavy lifting.... you'll need to "push" local macro variables to the server. for example, to push MacroVar1 to the server, just add this
[pre]%syslput MacroVar1=&MacroVar1;[/pre]

do this with all macro parameters needed.
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