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MD5 algorithm

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MD5 algorithm

Hi All, I am trying to call md5 algorithm from my SAS program. Can anyone help on doing this? I currently dont have md5 installed on my system.

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Re: MD5 algorithm

Md5() is a SAS function and there is no need to install it.


Give a String with a length less than 256 bytes and get a 16-byte value. An example:


mymd5 = md5("This is a big string");

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Re: MD5 algorithm

Are you asking about the SAS function MD5? The function takes any string as the argument and returns a 128-bit hash value.

data junk;
   y = md5('abc');
   z = md5('access method');
   put y= / y = hex32.;
   put z= / z = hex32.;
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