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MAcro %if %then in a loop

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MAcro %if %then in a loop

I am working with a macro loop that I want to spit out slightly different reports based on the current where variable up in the loop. All three reports are very similar proc reports, just different variables.


simplifying here, as an example:


Loop begins.


%IF error="a" %then %do ;


report 1




%IF error="b" %then %do ;


report 2




%else % %do ;







However, I can only get this to work with one %if %then and an %else--2 reports. How can I add in another %if statement to allow for a 3rd option, since this is a loop that goes through several 'errors.' I have tried several variations, but can't get passed a single if/then and else combo.

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Re: MAcro %if %then in a loop

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Here is one example. Note that where I have %put you would put your report code.

%macro dummy(parm);
%if &parm = a %then %do;
   %put Parm= &parm;
%else %if &parm=b %then %do;
   %put Parm= &parm;
%else %if &parm=c %then %do;
   %put Parm= &parm;
%else %if &parm=d %then %do;
   %put Parm= &parm;
%put Done;



Also recommend against using "a" with macros unless there is an extremely good reason.

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