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is there a way to call an already created macro function and use it in another macro function that I am trying to create?

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For functions you want Proc FCMP. 

Macros don't return values. 


You can call a macro within any other macro once it's been compiled. 




If your replicating R code you can consider SAS/IML instead of Base. 

Otherwise you may want to define your functionality and figure out the best method in SAS. Trying to replicate exactly is more work in long run. My nickel. 

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Technically macros generate text (preferably SAS code).
But, you could design a macro so it behaves like a function, like returning a value in an assignment statement.
Depending on the nature of your macro, PROC FCMP might be a better choice as @Reeza suggest.
Bottom line, yes you can call a macro from another macro.
What does your "macro functions" do?
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Yes you can.


In the same session you can do stuff like this:


%macro outer;
   %put In outer;

%macro inner;
    %put In inner


The inner macro needs to be defined at call time, not nescecarily when %Outer is defined. And %inner can be redefined without the need for %outer to be recompiled.


Existing macros can also be defined earlier or outside SAS. Store them in a file with the .sas extension and have the SASAUTOS option point to its location.


As @Reeza pointed out, macro's do not technically return a value like a function does. But it is conceptually close enough. Just look at the %SYSRC autocall macro for a nice example.


Hope this helps,

- Jan.

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