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Loop in Data step help

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Loop in Data step help


I have a data set with that looks like:

ID File_period

1 201301

1 201302

1 201303

2 201302

2 201303

3 201301

I would like a unique data set by ID and a new variable for all the file periods, for example:
ID File_Period_1 File_Period_2 File_Period_3

1 201301 201302 201303

2 201302 201301

3 201301

The number of file periods will vary by ID.

I'm not sure what the best way to run this loop, any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Loop in Data step help

What you are doing is often called transposing from Long to Wide format.

proc transpose data=have out=want (drop=_name_)


by id;

var File_period;


Please make your entries Questions in the format not Discussions when they are questions.

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Re: Loop in Data step help

Thank you.

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