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Lock held by ********(********) connection ID 0

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Lock held by ********(********) connection ID 0

Hi All,


we are aware lock held by a process, when it by held any process we terminate the process and re-run the batch.

Now days we are getting some new kind of lock where lock is held by connection ID 0, could you please assist me in understanding and resolving the issue.


ERROR: MEMBER lock is not available for, lock held by ********(********) connection ID 0.


any info will much appreciated..

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Re: Lock held by ********(********) connection ID 0

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Please provide more information about your situation.

Like, what kind of processing are you doing (program logic), what engine is used, what is the nature of your SAS environment (ways to access data, SAS servers etc), host OS etc.

depending on the features of your scheduling sw, you cold try to issue an OS command to list the actual processes that is locking any particular file right after the job abends.

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