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Locating path for a macro variable

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Locating path for a macro variable

I have been assigned to troubleshoot why a program will not run.  I know the issue.  It is an email script that is housing too many emails.

Sample error message


is too long  256 character limit

The macro looks like this


I am trying to locate the path for the above macro to modify or remove some of the email addresses.  The program references the location however this macro is no where to be found.  Is there a code that gives location for macro, much like option symbolgen gives descriptive information?

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Re: Locating path for a macro variable

It's probably in an AutoCall Library.

See the options to find the macro in the paper below.

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Re: Locating path for a macro variable

Try setting MAUTOLOCDISPLAY option.

SAS(R) 9.2 Macro Language: Reference

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Re: Locating path for a macro variable

When debugging macros I use


Without these options set, debugging macros remains guesswork.

MLOGIC has the added convenience that it reports from where an autocall macro had been loaded ( like mautolocdisplay).

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