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List of companies using SAS

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List of companies using SAS

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please provide the list of companies using SAS,,,,,,

thanks in advance 

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Re: companies

There is definitely no such public list. This is business confidential information for both SAS and its customers.

Of course, there's plenty of customers that agreed on being reference sites, those are usually displayed on SAS sites.

Also, you can check which companies that are presenting at various user group meetings, should give a hint.

But a list, nah.

What do you intend to use this information?

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Re: List of companies using SAS

Ask your SAS representative, they will gladly give you a list of companies that have agreed to be named for reference.


With some of use here, it's probably not difficult to find out where they work via linkedin or xing.

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Re: List of companies using SAS

Check the Customer Stories section of the SAS web site.  You'll find a list of select customers by industry and business topic. 

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