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Libname with Macro specifying Directory

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Libname with Macro specifying Directory

I have two libname statements in the attached code (I only run 1 at a time) that should be the same yet only one works. The direct call-out works but using the macro variable name does not. From what I can tell, these are the EXACT SAME things. When I run the libname using dirSAS  I receive an error. Please advise.



%let dirLSB=/folders/myshortcuts/MyRawData;
%let dirSAS=/folders/myfolders;


*libname libsas 'dirSAS'; *This does not work;
libname libsas '/folders/myfolders'; *This does work;


data libsas.Snow1;
infile "&dirLSB/Pr1Snowfall1.csv"
DLM =','; *Range of, comma delim;
input Season $ Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Total;



NOTE: Library LIBSAS does not exist.

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Re: Libname with Macro specifying Directory

You have put your directory in a macro variable. Using

libname libsas 'dirSAS';

You are trying to create a libname called libsas of the directory dirSAS(that doesn't exist). To replace the content of a macro variable you must use & before the name of the variable. Furthermore simple quote doesn't allow macro replacement, you must use double quotation marks

libname libsas "&dirSAS";
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