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Java VM Error when running PROC SGPLOT

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Java VM Error when running PROC SGPLOT

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Hi every body,

i have a question about sas result,

when i run this code on sas base:

proc sgplot data=ews.data2;

series x=logchg y = change;


 the log is:

ERROR: Unable to load the Java Virtual Machine. Please see the installation instructions or system


Please help me solve this problem,

thank you very much,



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Re: Java

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Which version of SAS are you running?


One thing to check if you have an IT department updating file is to see which version of Java, if any, you have installed. SAS can be a bit picky about the version of Java. You can run Proc Options and find the entry for JREOPTIONS to see which version and locations SAS expects to see Java files. If the version installed with SAS has been removed by a helpful IT department then it may need to be reinstalled.

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