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Iterative do loops

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Iterative do loops

Hello sas gurus, 1st time user here need help.have a dataset...for example hypothetically

family       Member.         Category.             Amount

A                1.                    Bio.                      150

A.                1.                    Dia.                      100

A.                 1.                    Les.                      200

A.                   2.                   CH1.                      70

A.                   2.                   Bio.                      150

A.                   2.                   tab.                      200

A.                   3

b.              etc etc

what I am trying to do here is each category has a capped occurrence for example a family of any no. Of members can get upto 2 distinct members for bio categories/family

4 members for dia/ family etc,

and the total upto 500/family. The last amount should be backed to make it a total.i mean 4 participations get to 475, the next one should be for $25 instead of the amount for the category.

how could I do this?please help...

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Re: Iterative do loops

I'm not following. Can you post some sample output expected from your data above?

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