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Issue with calling result

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Issue with calling result



%macro draft(set1,table1,Lable1);

  %if &set1=1   %then %do;

  proc freq data=dataset;

  set &table1;




%else %do;

 proc means data=sasdata.dataset ;

  var &table1;



 %mend draft;


I want to get the macro for each of the variables i.e week and accessories

I should be able to get either freq or means report for above-mentioned variables.My code is below .

But seems i am missing something.can anybody advise?


 %macro draft;




%mend draft;


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Re: Issue with calling result

Your original macro won't work, because you use &table1 as a dataset in one place and a variable list in another.

Hint: get your steps working without macro code, then replace the future dynamic parts with macro variables, then wrap into a macro definition, and then add macro logic (%if). Test at every step of the development, and thoroughly look at the log. Do a google search for each log message you do not understand.


If you run into obstacles you can't overcome, post test data (data step with datalines) and the log.

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Re: Issue with calling result

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  These papers outline the basic process of starting with working code and then converting your code to a Macro program: 



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