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Intermittent RSUBMIT Failure

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Intermittent RSUBMIT Failure

Hi All,


I have been struggling recently with the RSUBMIT command. I have some processes that use it several times. The trouble is that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesnt. Usually, within one job, it succesfully commences and executes a few, but then it may fail on one. After that, all subsequent RSUBMITs fail the same way.


Here is the error I receive:

NOTE: Remote signon to DB_DUNNT commencing (SAS Release 9.03.01M2P081512).
No application is associated with the specified file for this operation.
ERROR: A communication subsystem partner link setup request failure has occurred.
ERROR: Cannot start remote process.
ERROR: Command could not be executed.


The online help doesn't have an relevent help. Most fixes rely on the process always failing. Also, I am not running any threads/tasks with the same name. It just seems to sometimes work, and sometimes not. 


Any ideas? 


A kink in this problem is that I am executing this code on a sever that I don't have access to. However, any promising ideas can be passed on to people who do so they could implement them. 

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Re: Intermittent RSUBMIT Failure

It's likely a network issue...connection issues to the server.


But if you get kicked off you may be leaving phantom processes behind that are being cleaned up automatically the next day. They may be able to take a look and see if there's anything on that side that points to issues.

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Re: Intermittent RSUBMIT Failure

This type of problem is better dealt with by SAS Tech Support so I would open a track if you haven't done so already.


Also your SAS workspace server log would be worth checking out as it should be recording the failed connections.


You could post your signon statements as well just in case they point to anything. 

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