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Indatabase processing error | Teradata

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Indatabase processing error | Teradata

Would like to understand what causes SAS engine to switch from indatabase processing to SAS processing.

My macro contains below sql which is getting blendstoptime from a Teradata table. When this query gets executed, it is throwing error "Indatabase processing error".


Select put(intnx(hour,max(blendstoptime),-8),timeampm.) into :blendstoptime
from [Teradata libref].[Teradata Table1] a
join [Teradata libref].[Teradata Table2] b
on a.column1 = b.column1
where a.column2 = "<<value>>"


Interestingly, in a different SAS server it is able to switch from indatabase processing to SAS processing for same query and return the desired result. Can it be due to some different server settings?

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Re: Indatabase processing error | Teradata

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I'm not familiar with teradata. See next link documentation:


you probably need a line like:

libname trlib teradata user=testuser pw=testpass;



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