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Incorrect Display Proc Chart Group from Proc Format

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Incorrect Display Proc Chart Group from Proc Format

I am analysing an excel survey. Responses that have text value, they are recorded in numeric form. Example:

Q1. How often does your household purchase food from a grocery store?
9 Never
10 Once a month or less
11 2-3 times a month
12 Weekly
13 2-3 times a week
14 Daily

The column for that question having only number values.

For a question where the answer is on a scale from 1 to 10, I have made a proc format to group responses into categories.

When charting the questions, the grouping are not working.

My code is:

data survey;
set mylib.thesisdata2;
rename VAR4=Q1;
rename VAR6=Q3;
proc format;
value typea
10='Once a month or less'
11='2-3 times a month'
13='2-3 times a week'
proc format;
value typec
low-<4 = 'Low 1-3'
4-<7= 'Medium 4-6'
7-high='High 7-10';
proc format;
proc chart data=Survey;
vbar Q1 / type=percent;
format Q1 typea.;
title 'How often does your household purchase food from a grocery store?';
proc chart data=Survey;
format Q3 typec.;
vbar Q3 / subgroup=vermont;
title 'How knowledgeable do you think you are about organically grown fresh

proc freq data=Survey;
format Q1 typea.;
format Q3 typec.;
tables Q1 Q3;


And the results are:

ExFREQ.pngExQ3.pngExQ1.pngAny guesses as to why the categories for the graphs are so wonky?



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Re: Incorrect Display Proc Chart Group from Proc Format

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I haven't seen Proc Chart code in more than 25 years.


By "wonky" I am guessing that you refer to axis appearance.

The first chart, for Q1, the procedure is guessing how many axis values and has created bins that center on those displayed values, only two of which center on a value defined in the discrete format


In the second, for Q3, the axis is being treated as discrete numeric values and repeating the range format that is used for each discrete value.


Add the AXIS option to indicate where you want your tick marks and DISCRETE if you want each value displayed.


Is there some specific reason you are using Chart instead of SGPLOT or Gchart either of which will create groups based on formatted values?







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