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Importing sas7bdat file

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Importing sas7bdat file

how to open sas7bdat file in sas 9.1

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Re: Importing sas7bdat file

SAS 9.1 is old...get a newer version, if you're a student try the free version of SAS, SAS UE. You can set up a libname to read a SAS dataset. SAS Analytics U also provides two free SAS training courses on how to use SAS.

libname mydata '/folders/myfolders/';

proc print;
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Re: Importing sas7bdat file

You do NOT need to "import" a .sas7bdat file, as it already is a table in native SAS format. The .sas7bdat format can (mostly) be opened across all SAS versions from 8.0 upwards.


So all you need to do is to define a SAS library with the LIBNAME statement, pointing to the directory where the .sas7bdat is stored, and - voila! - you can use libname.tablename anywhere a SAS table name is needed in your program.


If you experience problems doing this, you will have to supply additional information about your SAS environment (OS platform(s), logical/physical locations etc). And what is in your log if a statement fails to execute properly.

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